SS16 Inspiration: Art inspired by nature

Zaria Forman drawing

Artist: Zaria Forman

One of the things I love most about my job is getting to seek out inspiration.  Inspiration isn't something I can just wait around to come to me.  Sometimes it does, but most of the time it is an active search.  I don't mind the work it takes because I enjoy researching which usually leads to me discovering new artists and works that I love.  

For our Spring/Summer 2016 prints I found myself gravitating toward art that is inspired by nature.  Whether through subject, color, or texture, I found that everything I was drawn to had some element of nature in it.  When I looked back through my printing and dyeing experiment swatches from the past few years, I realized that many of them evoked a sense of nature as well.  So I knew that for Spring/Summer 2016 I wanted to explore in that direction. 

An element emerged as I looked at all the inspiration together--cracked, broken, and jagged lines.  Whether because of erosion, drought, or land movement, I can see that I'm drawn to lines that are organic in nature.

Our SS16 designs will be released in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned to see how all this inspiration played out!

Here are some art works and photos I have used as inspiration.

 cracked sculpture

Karine Leger painting

Artist: Karine Leger

Margaret Boozer

Artist: Margaret Boozer

Pool water

Desert image

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