CURATED Fashion Show in Nashville Sept 24

We are sending People Like Art down the runway September 24 for the first time ever!!

I normally don't do fashion shows.  I have found that they stress. me. out.  When I get stressed I eat a lot, and my heart pounds like I just finished a marathon.  So I try to keep things as peaceful as possible around here.  But this opportunity was the right fit.  And magically it has not stressed me one bit. 

For this show we will have some brand new designs for you to see as well as a pop-up shop.  We will have some sale items and some one-of-a-kind pieces, too.

For the locals, I hope you will join us!  For the not locals, we will miss you.

Go here to reserve your seat!

John Taylor from Nashville Fashion TV came by the studio recently along with the fashion show PR team from the Art Institute.  Here are some photos he took, and I will post the badass video he created soon!


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