Sketchbook Collective

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Sketchbook Collective Exhibit at Watkins College of Art.  The exhibit showcased sketchbooks and sketches from creative professionals as well as local sketchbook workshop participants.  It was great to see the different creative processes of designers, architects, writers, and community members who use the sketchbook as a daily form of creative expression. 


The Sketchbook Collective Exhibit



 I use sketchbooks as a place to keep all my ideas for each collection. My sketchbooks are full of fabric swatches and print tests. I keep detailed notes of the printing experiments that I do each season, and I will often pull unused ideas from previous collections so it helps to have everything (haphazardly) organized in one place.  I love to paste inspiration photos and work on color palettes in the books. I jot down ideas for color names and silhouette names, and you'll also find pattern drafting notes and the more technical aspects of clothing design in there too.

 The books are on display in my shop so if you ever stop by, please feel free to take a look.

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