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Want to intern at PLA?  We're looking for design students who are artists at heart. Who are eager to learn how to develop garments that are more than just a product to sell. We make garments that are thorough explorations of ideas. We experiment and get messy. We work hard and are extremely focused.

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We teamed up with blogger Moriah Murrell and photographer Kelsey Cherry this season to create a lookbook for the spring collection.  The photos were taken in the desert of Joshua Tree National Park and at Korakia Pensione, a lovely boutique hotel in Palm Springs, CA.  The settings perfectly fit this season's vibe.  The colors, textures, and jagged lines in our collection mirror the natural settings of the locations.  Check out the full lookbook here.  

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SS16 Inspiration: Art inspired by nature

One of the things I love most about my job is getting to seek out inspiration.  Inspiration isn't something I can just wait around to come to me.  Sometimes it does, but most of the time it is an active search.  I don't mind the work it takes because I enjoy researching which usually leads to me discovering new artists and works that I love.   For our Spring/Summer 2016 prints I found myself gravitating toward art that is inspired by nature...

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