Textural Inspiration

Texture inspires me more than anything, and I've been incorporating that into my work lately. I love the accidental beauty that I see in organically formed shapes whether formed by nature or the haphazard flicks of a paint brush.  

CURATED Fashion Show in Nashville Sept 24

We are sending People Like Art down the runway September 24 for the first time ever!!

I normally don't do fashion shows.  I have found that they stress. me. out.  When I get stressed I eat a lot, and my heart pounds like I just finished a marathon.  So I try to keep things as peaceful as possible around here.  But this opportunity was the right fit.  And magically it has not stressed me one bit. 

For this show we will have some brand new designs for you to see as well as a pop-up shop.  We will have some...

New Silhouettes

Introducing two new silhouettes, the FRIDA and the MONA.  The new collection will be available this week via our website and our OPEN STUDIO day on Saturday.


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Made in Nashville

Did you know that all PEOPLE LIKE ART garments are made in Nashville?  Keeping it local!